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User's feedback
Thank you for all your support and help over the past years.
The Orthema system has completely revolutionised my practiced over the past 10yrs and I can’t imagine working without it.
Thank you again.

Tamra Enbom, Orthotist / Prosthetist Clinician
OrthoEyre Clinic - Whyalla South Australia
I have used the system for over 6 years now. I spent almost two years researching different methods of making orthotics, and eventually settled on Orthema. There were two superior qualities of Orthema over the leading competitor: The number one was that the Measuring device and Mill were very over built, and therefore extremely persist and reliable. The other was the quality and variety of Orthema Milling Blocks.
I work with a wide variety of patients, including severely flat foot children, diabetic foot with and without amputations, post polio syndrome and many other special cases. We also care for the national football team of Vietnam and the first professional basketball team. I have had several American professional football stars travelled to Vietnam to get orthotics, as well, as a number of professional triathletes and ironman. We have made foot orthotics for one Olympic gold medalist. We are specialized in sever foot disorders and special cases.

Being in Vietnam, some of the things we really love about the Orthema system, is the extreme persuasion of the measuring device, the reliability and durability of the equipment,
 and excellent long distance customer service.

Dr. Wade Brackenbury
We are Motion Orthopedic prosthetic and orthotic center based in UAE. We are using Orthema CAD/CAM system for the last 1.5 years. We are providing insole to our patients using Orthema system, which give us the freedom to take precise measurement and custom design insole for each patients within minutes. The Digitizer allow us to manipulate/correct the foot position while doing measurement, a big plus point. Thanks to Orthema, it enhanced our capability to provide high quality custom foot orthotics in quick time.

Imran Khan (Prosthetist/Orthotist, Managing Director)
Motion orthopedic, Abu Dhabi
When I started working with the Orthema system and materials back in 1999, I quickly saw the positive results. Now, 19 years later, I operate my own milling centre in Australia and our patient feedback proves that Orthema is still the best Cad Cam system, software and milling materials on the market.

Thorsten Meinelt
Brisbane, Australia
I have used Orthofit system devices and Orthema orthotics for years and I’ve always had great results. Now I started using OrthoSwiss Brisbane as my lab instead of making them myself and I have had incredible outcomes. Almost no patients need adjustments as Thorsten is a perfectionist and his work is amazing. The Orthotics look good and are functional and comfortable. I am truly proud to dispense his orthotics to my patients. I would never go anywhere else. All I hear about other labs are nightmare stories... Thank goodness I found OrthoSwiss Brisbane!

Sarah Sweeney
Sarah Sweeney Podiatry, Hope Island QLD
After trialling several orthotic manufacturers, I was not satisfied with the long turnaround time, quality, or the high cost per device. I heard about OrthoSwiss Brisbane through a colleague, and have been using them exclusively for my orthotic manufacture for approximately twelve months.  I can say that I am completely satisfied with the service, quality of the devices and the support offered.  I also purchased an Orthofit Digitizer (Scanner), and my patients have been very happy with their insoles.  I have not had one complaint regarding comfort, fit, or quality.  

Kirsten Brown
Boonah Podiatry, Boonah QLD
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